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Re: Best Way to submit patchces ??

At 11:31 PM 11/13/98 -0700, you wrote:
>I am nearing the completion of the first version of my perl
>backend to slapd


>and was wondering what the best way for me
>to submit these patches to the source are.

We always check new stuff into -devel then pull.  As such,
we generally recommend developing software for OpenLDAP (as
opposed to with OpenLDAP) against the AnonCVS HEAD branch
or the lastest devel snapshot.

>Currently the diff would be against 1.0 but I can change that.

I would go ahead and complete the port to -stable.

When your ready, post them (or a URL) to -devel so that they
can be reviewed.  I'll work with you to sort out any issues
needing to be resolved, such as a target release (likely 1.1.X).

The only major difference between -stable and -devel (for
a slapd backend), is the build environment and it's requirements.
I suspect we'll have to add some additional options/checks in
configure.in.  We'll this out together.

>Should these changes go against the latest release, stable, or
>devel version of openldap?  Is a context diff good enough our
>is something else desirable (ie.. CVS).

Unified diffs preferred (generated using diff -uN or cvs equiv).

>Any info would help me plan how I do things.

If you having any questions, holler.