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UTF-8/T.61 API Proposal

draft-ietf-ldapext-ldap-c-api-01.txt, p5:
"As in the LDAPv3 protocol itself, all DNs and string
values that are passed into or produced by the C LDAP
API are represented as UTF-8 characters.  Some
API implementations may support other character sets,
but the mechanisms used are not currently specified in
this document."

Here is a brief implementation proposal:

Step 1.
Implement the required translation of the v2 T.61
characters to UTF-8 for the API (client side). 
Commit behind #ifdefs.

Step 2.
Provide a draft for a C API extension to the allow
application specification of character set translations.

Step 3.
Implement extension and provide translation to/from T.61.
Still behind #ifdefs.

Step 4.
Implement/provide 8859 translation.
Reverse #ifdefs!

Step 5.
Revise draft and implementation before submitting
draft to IETF-LDAPEXT.

Comments?  Suggestions?  Volunteers?