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Re: Your Message Sent on Thu, 12 Nov 1998 14:15:02 -0500 (EST)

Hi Jay,

Novell is delivering a LDAP2NDS gateway with Netware 5.0 which is mostly LDAPv3 
compliant. Regarding to 4.x there is a free LDAP2NDS gateway located at their 
web site which is mostly LDAPv2 compliant.
I have used both of them. They are working so far. What is really missing is 
replica support. For now they argue that you can do replication with NDS but 
that is of cause no solution if you want the data replicated to a LDAP server. 
They told me that maybe replica support will be integrated later.
Another big constraint is that there is no possibility to change the password 
over the LDAP gateway. Any other data modification is doing fine using 
For now I do a full ldapsearch -L as admin on the Novell gateway, munge the data 
and ldapadd this file.

> Another question here from GC.  Has anyone looked into umichLDAP or
> OpenLDAP synchronization with Novell's NDS?  Our problem here is that
> Netscape raised pricing on us so we're trying to look at Linux to replace
> our Netscape SuiteSpot servers.  Sendmail isn't much of a problem (I
> assume it can use LDAP, can't it?), but we run a couple of large Netware
There have been patches floating around for the 8.8x versions. I have heard 
rumours that this patches have been integrated with 8.9x but haven't checked it.

> 4.11 servers.  We definately need to get the two diectories synched up
> somehow.  It seems that if Caldera would put its Netware/Linux knowledge
> into the OpenLDAP project we could get NDS snych going pretty quickly.
> Anybody else have this desire?
> -jay

Achim Reckeweg                  System engineer
                                Email: Achim.Reckeweg@Germany.Sun.COM