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Re: openldap supplanting and working with others

I'd say there are probably several distinct projects here:

- extend the out-of-the-box schema in openldap so it at least
has all the standard LDAP objectclasses.

- extend the out-of-the-box schema in openldap for interop
with other systems such as NDS or mail systems. These of
course would be broken up into distinct objectclasses, and
would need to be accompanied by each-way sync utilities with
other stores (sendmail, dns, nis, whatever).

- extend the out-of-the-box schema in openldap to include
the schemas shipping out-of-the-box in other ldap servers,
to ease switch effort.


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Date: Thursday, November 12, 1998 11:44 AM

>Another question here from GC.  Has anyone looked into umichLDAP or
>OpenLDAP synchronization with Novell's NDS?  Our problem here is that
>Netscape raised pricing on us so we're trying to look at Linux to replace
>our Netscape SuiteSpot servers.  Sendmail isn't much of a problem (I
>assume it can use LDAP, can't it?), but we run a couple of large Netware
>4.11 servers.  We definately need to get the two diectories synched up
>somehow.  It seems that if Caldera would put its Netware/Linux knowledge
>into the OpenLDAP project we could get NDS snych going pretty quickly.
>Anybody else have this desire?