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If you are wanting to implement a LDAP server on your Unix box, you might
want to look at using the nss_ldap module for linux and have it point to your
Novell NDS servers. Since NDS has an LDAP interface, you could maintain a
single repository rather than working on synchronization between multiple

Jon Scarbrough
Oakton Community College
Des Plaines, IL

Jay Christner wrote:

> Another question here from GC.  Has anyone looked into umichLDAP or
> OpenLDAP synchronization with Novell's NDS?  Our problem here is that
> Netscape raised pricing on us so we're trying to look at Linux to replace
> our Netscape SuiteSpot servers.  Sendmail isn't much of a problem (I
> assume it can use LDAP, can't it?), but we run a couple of large Netware
> 4.11 servers.  We definately need to get the two diectories synched up
> somehow.  It seems that if Caldera would put its Netware/Linux knowledge
> into the OpenLDAP project we could get NDS snych going pretty quickly.
> Anybody else have this desire?
> -jay
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> Jay Christner
> Information Technology Services
> Goshen College
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