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Re: changelog patch

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:
> At 03:25 PM 10/29/98 +0000, Will Ballantyne wrote:
> I'll try to put together something on this order.  For projects,
> see my Misc. Projects post and the roadmap.   Basically, we need
> help with just about everything...  we need folks to take "ownership"
> of components, we need folks to test, we need folks to code.

If no one else wants these I will volunteer for the following from your
- Maintain the OpenLDAP Administrators Guide (do you mean the successor
to the slapd one from umich?)
- Develop a OpenLDAP Developer's Guide
- Write test005-modrdn

There are several other areas I am interested in due to local needs and
would like to take ownership of if there are no objections.  They are:

- suffix aliasing (already in place)
- changelog (patches submitted, what's the status on getting these in?)
- allowing initial anon binding based on ip rules
- object based acls
- server side referrals

I would appreciate any info on these topics (pointers to standards,
existing code, etc)

> The big efforts right now is getting 1.1 releasable and implementing
> LDAPv3 support.  With 1.1, besides testing, we need:
>         LDAPD support
>         contrib support
>         compressed manual support
>         dynamic library support
> With LDAPv3, we're currently working on implementing the draft
> API spec (with a v2 wire).  We'll have the basics commited to
> -devel soon.  Next will come string translations to/from UTF-8
> (draft API is UTF-8 in and out), then v3 protocol support.
> Server side work will commence after the API is relatively
> usable (probably in parallel with the v3 protocol work).
> Tell me what you'd like to do and we'll figure out a way to
> make it happen.

I've only just downloaded the 1.1 alpha distrib.  I would not mind
working on some of the v3 stuff but have not seen or perhaps followed
the discussions/progress enough to know exactly what to help with

Pardon a possibly stupid question, I am pretty new to cvs: how do I find
out all the different tags that are available?  I tried using anoncvs to
get the latest 1.1alpha but could not determine what tag to use

Will Ballantyne             GEMS Technical Architect