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Re: changelog patch

At 03:25 PM 10/29/98 +0000, Will Ballantyne wrote:
>I whink that would be very helpful.  It might also be good to have a
>brief note on who is working on what and the current status (at least
>internally) in case there are people looking to volunteer...

I'll try to put together something on this order.  For projects,
see my Misc. Projects post and the roadmap.   Basically, we need
help with just about everything...  we need folks to take "ownership"
of components, we need folks to test, we need folks to code.

The big efforts right now is getting 1.1 releasable and implementing
LDAPv3 support.  With 1.1, besides testing, we need:
	LDAPD support
	contrib support
	compressed manual support
	dynamic library support

With LDAPv3, we're currently working on implementing the draft
API spec (with a v2 wire).  We'll have the basics commited to
-devel soon.  Next will come string translations to/from UTF-8
(draft API is UTF-8 in and out), then v3 protocol support.
Server side work will commence after the API is relatively
usable (probably in parallel with the v3 protocol work).

Tell me what you'd like to do and we'll figure out a way to
make it happen.