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OpenLDAP 1.1 release delayed

Due to a family crisis I have not been able to devote
significant time to OpenLDAP over the last week or so.
I will also in Europe for 10 days beginning Thursday.
During this period I will be online and providing
-stable/-devel support, but I don't expect to get much
coding done.

As OpenLDAP 1.1 is primarily focused on my autoconf work
(which still needs significant work), I believe it best
to delay release of 1.1 until late October or early
November.  A maintenance release, OpenLDAP 1.0.2, will be
made instead.

As I noted above, I will continue to provide -stable/-devel
support while in Europe.  Other core team members will also be
picking up some of the slack.  So, don't let my inability to
contribute code to keep you from contributing your code!