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OpenLDAP 1.1 schedule

We are currently finalizing plans for the next release,
version 1.1, of OpenLDAP.  This will be minor release
containing minor enhancements to existing features and
platform updates.  It will not include any major
enhancements.  The roadmap has been updated based
upon what is likely to be ready for the 1.1 release.

The cut off date for submissions for this release will
be 18 September and will be integrated into main branch
(-devel) by the 21 September.  On 23 September, a
prerelease branch will be constructed and a snapshot
made available for testing.  This prerelease branch will
supercede the stable branch on 27 September and a
snapshot made available for final release testing.

If you plan to submit changes for this release, please
let drop me a note so efforts can be coordinated.
Submissions that have not been coordinated in this
way may be excluded from this release.

Regards, Kurt