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Re: OpenLDAP SQL Backend

I am pleased that folks are interested in adding support for
Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS).  The discussion
is great.  I just have a few comments.

First, I would like to see RDBMS support added in a "generic"
way.  It is not clear to me if generic RDBMS support would
fit well in back-ldbm.

If RDBM support was implemented as a separate backend,
additional flexibility would be gained.  That is, slapd can
be setup with one db being ldbm and one being rdbm.  This
would not be possible if the RDBM support was integrated
into back-ldbm.  For this reason alone, I'm thinking that
a separate backend should be implemented.

I recommend that the first implementation be as generic
and leverage widely supported RDBM query facilities.  This
would serve as a reference implementation for per-RDBM
enhancement as follow-on efforts.

Of course, folks may not have the time to pursue "generic"
backends when they have specific needs.