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Administrator's Guide needs updated

The slapd administrators guide is leading folks astray in
the "quick start" section.  It guides you through loading up a fake
data base where the suffix line in the slapd.conf file is:

suffix "o=<YOUR ORGANIZATION>, c=US"

Then the ldap search command it specifies later is:

ldapsearch -h 'objectclass=*'

This results in slapd not finding anything and also trying to send
out a referral - which often leads to a timeout.  The command should
be more like:

ldapsearch -h 'objectclass=*' -b "o=<YOUR ORGANIZATION>, c=US"

        I think the referral timeout is occasionally getting
interpretted as a compile time pthread problem.  The clue here
is that if slapd passes "make tests" and then returns no matches
after the administrator populates the data base (perhaps with
ldif2ldbm), then check the search base first.

        This links directly with the netscape problems also.  If
you save your address book, netscape creates an LDIF file.  When
you read it, you'll notice the the DNs are pretty wierd.  If you
load that ldif file directly into your slapd, you'll have to
configure your slapd to have a search base of "".

        Also, the trick to using your own slapd as a searchable
directory from a netscape client is properly specifying
the search base.  There is a field for that when you add
a new direcectory to the client.  Most of the commercial directories
just specify a null search base.

        The copyright on the original slapd administrator's guide
looks pretty restrictive.  I'm not sure how to proceed.