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Re: Compiling LDAP on BSD/OS 3.1


	That is a fine way to make a port because the number one
priority is to get your slapd running.  As far as the "proper"
technique goes, you could do a CVS diff and mail it to:
kurt@openldap.org (if it is big) or just post it to openldap-devel
if it is small.

	Were still establishing our methodology for bug tracking
and adding fixes.  Please bear with us as we get this part of
the project under control.  The "official method" we use will be
appearing on www.openldap.org soon.

	Most of all, press on and have fun.

Jonathan Weaver wrote:
> I managed to get the source to compile on a BSD/OS 3.1 machine with a
> small change. (Seems to work fine as of yet)
> Basically I used the FreeBSD configuration, but with one small change,  I
> commented out pthread_yield() in thread.c ... That was the only thing
> stopping the compile. (Multiple definitions)
> My question: is this a valid way of going about a port? I'd like to have
> an LDAP server on one of our BSDI BSD/OS 3.1 machines.
> If it all works fine I can upload a diff for official BSD support in the
> Makefile.
> Let me know,
>  - Jonathan