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Re: Problems with compiling OpenLDAP

'mit-copyright.h' mossing?  I just checked a slackware
distribution and found that it doesn't have that file either.
Could you test a possible work around?  Create the file
/usr/include/mit-copyright.h and just put a line like:
# very temporary fix
in it?

	See if that compiles.  There's sure to be a better solution,
but this will get you moving forward 'til the real fix appears.


Jocelyn Callier wrote:
> Hello everybody.
> I just download the openldap-devel.
> I modify the Make-common for my system (linux debian).
> Actually I nearly copy my old Make-common of my UMich ldap.
> When I do the make, I get an error when compiling the string_to_key.c
> file.
> The error is that the 'mit-copyright.h' file missing.
> I don't have this file, where can I get it please ?
> Thanks in advance.
> ----------------
> Jocelyn Callier
> jo@cur-archamps.fr