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prerelease snapshot available

Since my last note, the following changes have been merged
into the main branch:

* ACL by Group support from Stuart Lynne
* POSIX regex support from Stuart Lynne
	BSD re_comp/re_exec code has been removed.
	A compatibility library will be provided for
	those without POSIX regex when time permits
	(or I get too many complaints :-).
* SleepyCat DB2 now support in compatibility mode.

* Make-common is now derived from Make-common.dist.
* Depend information is now kept in Makefiles instead
	of Make-templates.  As such, you need to
	make depend after make makefiles.
* Other misc. build/install issues resolved.
* ldapconfig.h.edit is sole source of dir/file paths.
* bindDN/cred for most clients are now settable via
	ldapconfig.h.edit (though setting of passwords
	this way is not recommended).
* time_t now used in ldap.h/-lldap instead of int/long.
* manuals updated to reflect correct paths
* install paths now work properly
* lint removed from libraries/clients