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Changes to -devel

The following changes have been integrated in the main branch.

* make install changes.  Added support for sbin, libexec,
  and other install directories.  Platform specific setting
  in Make-platform overide the defaults in Make-common.
  Please recommend per platform settings.

* Most other Make-common defaults also be overridden
  by Make-platform settings.   See freebsd-gcc for an example.
  Please recommend per platform settings.

* Changes to support Final vs. Draft POSIX Threads.
  for Final/Draft 10 versions.  Use THREAD_MIT_PTHREAD for
  Draft 4 versions.

* Changes in signal handling to support LinuxThreads.

* LASTMOD patch from Stuart Lynne
* TOP patch from Stuart Lynne
* DEBUGOPT patch from Stuart Lynne
* NULLCHK patch inspired by Stuart Lyne

* LDBM flush patch
	adds slapd.conf database option "flushwrites"

* FD_SETSIZE patch inspired by Terry Lambert and greg@greg.rim.or.jp
* Uninitialized be pointer by Terry Lambert

* Changed populate test to filter modtimes from results.
* Misc Makefile/Make-template cleanup
* Compressed manual support.  Define MANCOMPRESS
  and MANCOMPRESSSUFFIX in Make-platform.

	Stuart's ACL changes are availabe on a separate
	branch (LDAP_POSTE).  As soon as we work out regex(3)
	vs re_comp(3) issues, this will be merged in.

Enjoy!  Kurt

PS: sorry, no snapshot(s) yet.