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Re: (ITS#8707) slapd: Add systemd service notification support

On Tue, Sep 12, 2017 at 05:17:11PM +0000, quanah@symas.com wrote:
>b) The OpenLDAP project has never provided init scripts of their
>equivalents.  I'm not sure it would be correct to include the systemd unit
>file as a part of the project.

An explicit design goal of systemd is that unit files should be uniform 
enough that it's reasonable for upstream projects to ship them, in 
contrast to init scripts where the conventions and helper scripts differ 
a lot from distro to distro. (This obviously does not preclude distro 
customization of the shipped unit file.)


"Part of this is that we want that unit files are supplied with 
upstream, and not just added by the packager -- how it has usually been 
done in the SysV world."

Of course the unit file should only be installed if the configure switch 
for systemd is enabled, and I believe the latest patch does this.