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Re: (ITS#8350) lmdb SIGBUS error on full partition and possible double free issue

vladimir.cunat@nic.cz wrote:
> Hello!
>> The docs say quite clearly, after txn_commit the txn must not be used
> again.
> The documentation of txn_commit did confuse me (as well).
> https://github.com/LMDB/lmdb/blob/LMDB_0.9.21/libraries/liblmdb/lmdb.h#L994
> Would you consider adding a line stressing that the txn gets released
> even in case any error is returned? (or something similar)  I'm
> personally used to failing operations not "having externally observable
> effects" unless explicitly stated.

The very first words on the line you highlight are "The transaction handle is 
freed." I don't know how to state that any more explicitly.

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