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Re: (ITS#8533) Support OpenSSL-1.1.0c

--On Thursday, April 06, 2017 2:02 AM +0100 Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com> 

>> +#if OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER < 0x10100000
> Are you sure about exactly when these functions were removed? The title
> of this ITS is for 1.1.0c, and the earlier patches were for 1.1.0a. For
> version 1.1.0c we should be comparing to 0x1010003f, not 0x10100000.

Yes, I checked against OpenSSL 1.1.0 (released before 1.1.0a).  The OpenSSL 
shipped headers are clear on this as well, for example:

#if OPENSSL_API_COMPAT < 0x10100000L
# define SSL_library_init() OPENSSL_init_ssl(0, NULL)

#if OPENSSL_API_COMPAT < 0x10100000L
# define SSL_load_error_strings() \



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