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Re: (ITS#8326) failure to start due to pwdMaxRecordedFailure


I'm making a follow up from this thread

And more generally about overlay together with schema update, especially
when running in OLC mode.

> You need to replace your ppolicy.schema/ppolicy.ldif from 2.4.42 with the one 
> bundled in 2.4.43.

When running in OLC mode, first note that this is not as
straight-forward as replacing a file on a filesystem : you have to use
ldapxxx commands to update the schema.

Second, having a downtime when upgrading a "maintenance" release (as
2.4.42 > 2.4.43) doesn't seem appropriate to me and this use case can
definitively lead to. Once you realise that slapd isn't going to start
you are forced to update slapd.d ppolicy schema by hand.

What do you think ? Is there anything planned to enhance this kind of
situation ?