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Re: (ITS#8294) slappasswd can use SHA256 for hash but not SHA384 or SHA512...segfault

ktmdms@gmail.com wrote:
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> To add fuel to the fire, if I use pw-sha2 libraries that were built on a
> 2.6 kernel (specifically 2.6.32-358.el6.x86_64) on the 3.18 machine I can
> generate SHA512/384 hashed passwords with no issues.  What should I be
> looking for between the two platforms that might cause the core?

Strange that the kernel would make any difference - more likely it's your C 
compiler making the difference.

I ran a test on one machine and got an abort in glibc saying there was a stack 
overrun. On a different machine I got no such error, and running on the 
problem system under valgrind produced no errors.

On the machine that aborted, when I compiled with gcc -fstack-protector-all, 
the glibc abort disappeared as well. So, this hasn't helped me identify the 
problem yet. (gcc 4.8.4-2ubuntu1~14.04)

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