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ITS#8223 Windows replication error

> Hello,
> I have additional information. The problem is the entryCSN.
> User 1, which got replicated has entryCSN:
> 20150827083333.751721Z#000000#001#000000
> user 2, which got NOT replicated has entryCSN:
> 20150827083333.119585Z#000000#001#000000, which seems to be in the past
> user 3, replicated, 20150827083334.847604Z#000000#001#000000
> user 4, not replicated 20150827083334.228113Z#000000#001#000000, which
> seems to be in the past
> user 5, replicated 20150827083335.588191Z#000000#001#000000
> user 6, replicated 20150827083335.946835Z#000000#001#000000
> user 7 not replicated 20150827083335.282686Z#000000#001#000000, which
> seems to be in the past
> So in previous posts I got the answer, that microseconds exact time
> synchronization is only important with master master and concurrent
> writes. But now it also seems to be important with delta-synrepl.
> So I suppose this ITS can be closed, since it is not a bug, but worked as
> designed?
> So how to get a good enough time synchronization with windows (since the
> normal time synchronization of windows seems to be not enough)?
> Of course, if you close the ITS I can ask this question again in the
> technical list.
> Regards,
> Frank

ITS#8295 may be the problem here. Fixed in git master. Please test and 
followup to that ticket, thanks.

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