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Re: (ITS#8192) liblmdb confuses Windows error code with errno values

Typo in original report:

 >   #define	MDB_FILE_NEW	(MDB_LAST_ERRCODE + 9)
 > (above instead of MDB_NO_ROOT for easier cherry-picking.)

"above instead of below MDB_NO_ROOT".

On 08/07/15 22:36, Howard Chu wrote:
> When there is a platform-specific error code that describes the
> situation, we should use it. In particular, if the error code comes from
> an underlying system call and accurately describes that failure, we
> should pass it through.

Yes.  I only meant to talk about where mdb.c explicitly picks
errno codes, like it does with EIO/ENOSPC.

(And where it compares codes from system calls with errno codes.)

> If the failure is LMDB-specific, and not related
> to any particular system call, then we should define an MDB_* code for it.