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Re: (ITS#8130) ldif export / import issue when memberURL used in groupOfURLs object class

Hi Awnish,

On Wed, May 06, 2015 at 08:00:02AM +0000, awnish.kumar.singh@accenture.com wrote:
>2>> But when I am exporting the ldif file, then dynamically populated attributes
>in groupOfURLs objects and their values are also getting exported in the ldif
>file, which should not happen because it is creating issue when I am trying to
>import the same ldif in the destination environment.

How are you doing that export? slapcat(8) is the tool that you should 
use to dump a slapd database.

>3>> The reason is, these dynamically populated attributes in groupOfURLs object
>is not the part of dyngroup.schema (because it is dynamically populated from
>other object) that?s why during ldif IMPORT in the target environment, ldap is
>expecting these attributes should be part of dyngroup.schema and then will allow
>the import, and because this not allowed to import the data.

Normally those attributes should not be present in a slapcat(8) dump. If 
you are finding that they are, would you please provide an example 
configuration with clear and complete steps to reproduce it?

>What is the solution for this? As per my understanding product should support to
>migrate the ldif or other configuration from one environment to other without
>any issue, this industry standard. I am looking for help on this issue from
>community. Thanks

Community support is handled on the openldap-technical mailing list; the 
ITS is for bug reports only. I would suggest that you consult that list 
for help, and follow up here again if the consensus is that you are 
doing things correctly and have encountered a bug.