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Re: (ITS#8128) pwdFailureTime on client authentication


On Wed, May 06, 2015 at 04:46:05AM +0000, shashikanthbussa@gmail.com wrote:
>Currently i configured openldap2.4 on RHEL6.5 with Syncrepl replication.

Which 2.4 release? RHEL 6 ships a very old OpenLDAP version, and many 
bugs have been fixed since; so if you are using Red Hat's package, I 
would recommend trying again with a recent version built from source, or 
with packages such as those supplied by Symas or ltb-project.org.

>When i use to lock the user with ldapwhoami am able to lock a and check the
>pwdfailureTime it is enforced. But when i try to lock the user account using
>ssh/Putty session. it is not locking the user account or PwdFailureTime not
>enforcing. But, When i logged in to the ssh putty session the failure attributes
>on the user is removed.
>Can anyone please advice me on the issue. Whether should i add any ACL
>permissions or any configuration changes .

The ITS is for bug reports only. Support requests should be directed to 
the openldap-technical mailing list. Please consult that list for 
assistance with making sure your setup is correct and not subject to any 
known or already-fixed bugs, and follow up here with more details if it 
turns out you are reporting an actual bug.