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Re: (ITS#8117) Bugs related to key-size in lmdb and backend

Leonid Yuriev wrote:
> 29.04.2015 21:55, Howard Chu пиÑ?еÑ?:
>> Leonid Yuriev wrote:
>>> But what about 5-bytes keys from indexer?
>>> - How ones should be compared, as a 4-byte int without MSB, or as a
>>> padded 8-byte long?
>> The indexer doesn't use MDB_INTEGER so your question is irrelevant.
> OK, but then - what is the purpose of MDB_INTEGERDUP in
> mdb_attr_dbs_open()?
>      if ( !(slapMode & SLAP_TOOL_READONLY) )
>          flags |= MDB_CREATE;
> Think it is not necessary, is it?

You really think so? Have you thought about what the actual *values* are 
in an index, instead of just the keys?

Anyway, this ITS is resolved. Thank you for reporting the bug. If you 
want to ask further questions about how the indexer works take it to 

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