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(ITS#8022) Backend Meta does not work with ssl-backends

Full_Name: Dirk Kastens
Version: 2.4.40
OS: RedHat SL 7.0
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (2001:638:508:3d0:579:e63b:2c0e:3a09)

This is a duplicate of #7983

I'm running an openldap server with a meta backend that combines the
trees of three different ldap servers. Two of them are connected via
starttls and one via ssl over port 636. This perfectly works with
Now I have upgraded the server to RedHat SL 7.0 with openldap-2.4.39.
The ssl server cannot be reached by the meta backend any more. I
manually compiled openldap 2.4.40, but the effect is the same. I tried
openssl and moznss, but this makes no difference. I only see the trees
of the tls connected servers.
The tls servers also speak ssl, so I simply changed the uri from "ldap:"
to "ldaps:". The effect is, that the servers also became unreachable.

Here is my configuration:
database        meta
suffix          "ou=new,dc=xyz,dc=de"

uri "ldap://ldap.xyz.de/ou=a,ou=new,dc=xyz,dc=de";
suffixmassage "ou=a,ou=new,dc=xyz,dc=de" "ou=people,dc=xyz,dc=de"
idassert-bind bindmethod=simple binddn="cn=proxy,dc=xyz,dc=de"
   credentials="secret" mode=self
idassert-authzFrom      "dn.exact:cn=root,ou=new,dc=xyz,dc=de"

uri "ldaps://ldap.abc.de:636/ou=b,ou=new,dc=xyz,dc=de"
suffixmassage "ou=b,ou=new,dc=xyz,dc=de" "ou=people,dc=abc,dc=de"
idassert-bind bindmethod=simple binddn="cn=proxy,dc=abc,dc=de"
   credentials="secret" mode=self starttls=no
idassert-authzFrom      "dn.exact:cn=root,ou=new,dc=xyz,dc=de"

When I search the meta directory, I only see the ou=a branch.
slapd logs the following:

conn=1000 op=1 SRCH base="ou=new,dc=xyz,dc=de" scop3D3D1 deref=3
conn=1000 op=1 SRCH attr=objectclass
conn=1000 op=1: meta_back_getconn[0]
conn=1000 op=1: meta_back_getconn[1]
conn=1000 op=1 meta_back_getconn: candidates=2 conn=ROOTDN-TLS inserted
conn=1000 op=1 >E%E> meta_back_search_start[0]
conn=1000 op=1 >>> meta_search_dobind_init[0]
conn=1000 op=1 <<< meta_search_dobind_init[0]=2
conn=1000 op=1 <<< meta_back_search_start[0]=2
conn=1000 op=1 >>> meta_back_search_start[1]
conn=1000 op=1 >>> meta_search_dobind_init[1]
conn=1000 op=1 <<< meta_search_dobind_init[1]=4
conn=1000 op=1 <<< meta_back_search_start[1]=4
conn=1000 op=1 meta_back_search: ncandidates=2 cnd="**"
conn=1000 op=1 >>> meta_back_search_start[0]
conn=1000 op=1 >>> meta_search_dobind_init[5D5D
conn=1000 op=1 <<< meta_search_dobind_init[0]=1
conn=1000 op=1 <<< meta_back_search_start[0]=1
conn=1000 op=1 >>> meta_search_dobind_init[1]
conn=1000 op=1 <<< meta_search_dobind_init[1]=0

It seems to find both servers, but it only connects to the first one.
With ldapsearch I only see the branch "ou=a,ou=new,dc=xyz,dc=de".
slapd hangs and can only be terminated by "kill -4". When the first server is
specified with ldaps, none of the servers are reachable.