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Re: (ITS#8018) a lot of warnings building with -Wall

On 01/06/2015 04:31 PM, hyc@symas.com wrote:
> Leonid Yuriev wrote:
>> Yes of course, all warnings could be hushed by compiler options, but
>> this also hides the real mistakes.
>> So, I prefer fix the warnings, instead of disable gcc/clang features.
>> Please review attached patchset and merge.
> Your patch assumes CPP features that are not guaranteed to be present.
> Rejecting this patchset.

The Debug() change is going to give merge conflicts all over
the place when your <https://github.com/ReOpen/ReOpenLDAP> and
OpenLDAP pull updates from each other.

How about defining Debug1(), Debug2(), etc for 1,2... arguments?
That's still annoying, but it keeps the code C90-compatible and
keeps -Wformat quiet.  There's already similar code for Log<N>()
in include/ldap_log.h, but it was never used much or even merged
into RE24.  (Because it got scheduled for RE25 which was going to
start Real Soon Now, IIRC:-)