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Re: (ITS#8005) crash when multiple olcDbURI are defined for chaining

khosrow.ebrahimpour@ssc-spc.gc.ca wrote:
> Full_Name: K. Ebrahimpour
> Version: RE24 (commit dbc6741750de79b852ec9f728abb8b1425b6f03f)
> OS: Ubuntu 14.04.1
> URL: https://gist.github.com/khosrow/cc6640cad9275a2cd041
> Submission from: (NULL) (

> Finally, I'm running OpenLDAP 2.4.31 on Ubuntu Trusty, but was also able to
> replicate this same error on OpenLDAP 2.4.28 on Ubuntu Precise.

The current release is 2.4.40. For such old releases you should contact 
Ubuntu for support.

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