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Re: (ITS#7758) slapcat exports entire databases when given a non-existent base

--On Thursday, December 05, 2013 8:22 AM -0500 Francis Swasey 
<Frank.Swasey@uvm.edu> wrote:

> Well, but -b is working as documented.  Sadly, the -s parameter is
> deprecated - so, that really shouldn't be used either.  Therefore, since
> -b simply grabs the -n that would contain the suffix specified (doesn't
> do an exact suffix match and fail if not found as you wanted, Quanah) and
> -s is deprecated - how is one to accomplish this in the future?

>From slapd.conf:

      suffix <dn suffix>
	      Specify  the  DN	suffix	of queries that will be passed to this
	      backend database.  Multiple suffix lines can  be	given  and  at
	      least one is required for each database definition.

>From slapcat:

     -b suffix
	      Use the specified suffix to determine which database to generate
	      output for.

Suffix has as specific meaning.  Since there is no database configured with 
a suffix of cn=accesslog or anything else but "", it should not match.



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