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Re: (ITS#7705) mdb back-end segfaults sporadically with paged searches

--On Tuesday, September 24, 2013 5:58 PM +0000 openldap@semyon.org wrote:

> On 13-09-23 10:16 PM, Howard Chu wrote:
>> If you backup the DB with slapcat and reload it on another server with
>> slapadd, can you still reproduce the fault on the copy?
> Unfortunately, yes. It breaks trying to retrieve the same record as
> before, on the same instruction in back_mdb:
> yesterday:
> [126393.233615] slapd[19244]: segfault at 7f499f38d000 ip
> 00007f4da0e9b6a1 sp 00007f499f1fa540 error 6 in
> back_mdb-2.4.so.2.9.2[7f4da0e80000+34000]
> today:
> [517860.953779] slapd[24871]: segfault at 7fdeb50a0000 ip
> 00007fe2b63ad6a1 sp 00007fdeb4f0d540 error 6 in
> back_mdb-2.4.so.2.9.2[7fe2b6392000+34000]

Please provide a useful bug report.

I.e., get a stack trace from gdb, as noted in:


Sample data/testcase/configs always welcome as well.



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