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(ITS#7722) Assertion failure on MDB_NEXT of existing cursor following delete

Full_Name: David Wilson
Version: bf0e97aa0e9 @ git://gitorious.org/mdb/mdb.git
OS: Linux
URL: https://gist.github.com/dw/ba100e59b42ed5fccb67/raw/f25b08334e6956d9558bb05571172c63eb11808f/gistfile1.c
Submission from: (NULL) (

The attached cursor-del-break.c exhibits an assertion failure after successfully
deleting 1246 256-byte records from a set of 2048. This hammers the case where
one cursor is used to iterate, while a temporary cursor is used to delete the
record currently pointed to by the first cursor.

cursor-del-break: src/py-lmdb/lib/mdb.c:5025: mdb_cursor_next: Assertion
`((((mp)->mp_flags) & (0x02)) == (0x02))' failed.