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Re: (ITS#7665) LMDB: Documentation issue or mistake: MDB_NOMETASYNC vs MDB_CREATE

Hi Hallvard,

I want to thank you so much for your timely responses. I'm very glad to 
interact with a so responsible team.

Changing MDB_CREATE is clearer, indeed allows separate both sets with a 
simple mask.

Talking about the documentation, I think that should be stressed 
somewhere that when using named databases, the main one (unnamed) should 
not be used for regular work without special care and some constraints.

Maybe that a remark in mdb_dbi_open would be sufficient.

Regards and thanks again.


On 08/14/2013 02:06 AM, Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
> The code is OK, it would be sufficient to change
>    "Values do not overlap Database Flags."
> to "stored Database Flags" or something, and to
> note under MDB_CREATE that is not stored.
> Might be clearer to change MDB_CREATE in addition.