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Re: (ITS#7623) P_SUBP page inn MDB dirty_list

Howard Chu writes:
> Obviously this and the preceding line can be reduced to
> 	mp->mp_flags = fp->mp_flags ^ (P_DIRTY|P_SUBP|P_FAKE);

They are not equivalent.  fp->mp_flags can be P_LEAF|P_DIRTY in branch
"yes, convert it" and P_LEAF|P_DIRTY|P_SUBP|P_FAKE in the other branch.

> With P_FAKE removed if your patch isn't kept.

No, I don't want to steal a bit just for debugging either.  I'm happy
with "mp->mp_flags = (fp->mp_flags | P_DIRTY) & ~P_SUBP;" if the above
was just a thinko.  Well, I might include P_FAKE in my mdb/tests
branch, #defined as 0 except when the MDB_TEST macro turns it on.