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Re: (ITS#7623) P_SUBP page inn MDB dirty_list

hyc@symas.com wrote:
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> h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no wrote:
>> Full_Name: Hallvard B Furuseth
>> Version: RE24 + mdb.master 2d0b362b6f2b1247eb693008a39efaf341f15e82
>> OS: Linux x86_64
>> URL:
>> Submission from: (NULL) (
>> Submitted by: hallvard
>> test043-delta-syncrepl crashes in RE24 + mdb.master + this patch.
>> A sub-cursor sees a regular (non-sub) page which has P_SUB set,
>> in dirty_list. The flag comes from the fake page in cursor_put.
> The flag is being propagated when the page grows and turns into a real page.
> Fixed by this simple patch.

Obviously this and the preceding line can be reduced to
	mp->mp_flags = fp->mp_flags ^ (P_DIRTY|P_SUBP|P_FAKE);

With P_FAKE removed if your patch isn't kept.
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