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AW: WG: AW: (ITS#7426) contraints blocks syncreplication


in real it is a multi-master-replication. 
So the constraints have to define on both sides.

I have check the entry, more than one time. (many more)
so i really sure, it is valid. (changed the attribute to another value and back on the procurer)

I think it is a tricky timing problem, and it appears only in special situations.
I found it, in a restore of a system with an backup. After imported it in the procurer1,  I started the  second one.
At the next morning the sync wasn't complete. And I wondered why.

Another test shows the problem, a little bit more.
I changed the order of the entries in the initial.ldif (groups in front of users), and the sync works.

In the last message, was a little type. In the database only 6 entries (not 56)


PS: sorry my English is not very well