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Re: WG: AW: (ITS#7426) contraints blocks syncreplication

--On Thursday, November 01, 2012 3:03 PM +0000 Sascha.Kuehndel@deka.de 

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> Hi Howard,
> Sorry for the much "!"
> I have written a new config, only with constraint and replication.
> I have reduce the database to 56 entries.
> In this configuration I can reproduce this error.
> my steps.
> 1. F1> slapadd -f slapd.conf -f initial.ldif 2. F1> slapd -h
> ldap:// :4001 -f slapd.conf 3. F1> slapd -h ldap://
> -f slapd.conf

Your message isn't particularly clear on what it is you are doing now.  As 
Howard noted, it is only valid to have slapo-constraint on the provider, 
and not on any of the replicas.  Using slapadd does not necessarily 
guarantee that your entry is valid, as slapadd can bypass some overlay 



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