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Re: (ITS#7168) [PATCH] Fix count constraint when using multiple modifications

Jan Synacek wrote:
> On 06/07/2012 03:00 PM, Howard Chu wrote:
>> This code (and the original) don't seem to properly take deletes into account. It resets the ce counter to 0 on any delete op, but it should be decrementing based on the number of values provided. (And of course, it can only do that if the specified value is actually present in the attribute.)

> I've updated the patch:
> http://jsynacek.fedorapeople.org/openldap/jsynacek-20120619-constraint-count.patch

Thanks, committed to master with additional tweaks.
> Also, I've uploaded the tests I use:
> http://jsynacek.fedorapeople.org/openldap/constraint-count-tests.tar.bz2

Looks like a nice start but you should look at the existing test script 
infrastructure, particularly the shell variables we already define, and make 
it conform.

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