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Re: ITS#7239: testbed

 On Thu, 19 Apr 2012 06:16:16 GMT, masarati@aero.polimi.it wrote:
> A definitive and simple solution, although invasive, would be to:
> - add a o_internal flag to the Operation structure
> - add a macro BE_INTERNAL(op, rs, op_type) like
> #define BE_INTERNAL(op, rs, op_type, rcp) \
>     {
>         int save_o_internal = op->o_internal;
>         op->o_internal = 1;
>         *rcp = (&op->o_bd->bi_info->bi_op_bind)[op_type]( op, rs );
>         op->o_internal = save_o_internal;
>     }

 I imagine connection.c:operation_fake_init() should set
 op->o_internal and any callers which disagree should unset it

> fix all calls to internal operations (brrr....)

 I do have a patch+Perl script which wraps all operation(op, rs)
 calls, but it doesn't know which ops are "internal".

 I want it for the SlapReply cleanup (ITS#6758).  The only way to
 make a hunt for dirty SlapReplies feasible.  I suggested it when
 I was doing the cleanup, but IIRC nobody replied - except there
 were related complaints that my cleanup was too invasive.


 Anyway, here's me trying agin again:-)