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Re: ITS#7239: testbed

>> Thanks.  The explanation is always simple, after one finds it.  The DN
>> of
>> accesslog entries is generated using the reqStart AVA.  When logops all
>> and internal operations take place, multiple entries are generated with
>> the same reqStart AVA.  So an internal search which is logged because of
>> some overlay eats up the DN of the modrdn, and be_add() called by
>> slapo-accesslog(5) fails because the entry already exists.
>> Although logging internal entries could be of some use, I see two
>> solutions:
>> - modify the value of reqStart (e.g. instead of using o_tincr for the
>> fractional part of the timestamp, we could use an incremental counter
>> initialized with o_tincr and incremented at each logging within the same
>> operation.  The counter could be stored somewhere in the operation
>> structure (e.g. in o_extra)
>> - prevent logging of internal ops; again, this could be achieved by
>> setting a dedicated o_internal_op field in the Operation structure.
>> Since this modification could be intrusive, I'd like to gather some
>> comments before proceeding with a fix.
> Hm, we've run into this similar problem before with syncprov and
> introduced
> op->o_dont_replicate. As a general rule, accesslog is meant to log user
> operations, not internal operations. Currently accesslog checks
> (op->o_dont_replicate && op->orm_no_opattrs) to skip logging of write ops.
> I
> guess we need a more general flag instead.

A definitive and simple solution, although invasive, would be to:

- add a o_internal flag to the Operation structure

- add a macro BE_INTERNAL(op, rs, op_type) like

#define BE_INTERNAL(op, rs, op_type, rcp) \
        int save_o_internal = op->o_internal;
        op->o_internal = 1;
        *rcp = (&op->o_bd->bi_info->bi_op_bind)[op_type]( op, rs );
        op->o_internal = save_o_internal;

fix all calls to internal operations (brrr....)