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Re: (ITS#6973) Problem with sssvlv overlay and ldapsearch

ctcard@hotmail.com wrote:
>> Don't send HTML emails to the ITS.Apologies.
>> I'm unable to reproduce the error you're talking about. Please provide a
>> config that demonstrates the error, and the complete ldapsearch command
>> invocation.
> The original submission contained the ldapsearch command:
> ldapsearch -h localhost -x -b "..........." -D ".........." -w ....  -E
> \!sss=mail:caseIgnoreIA5Match -E \!vlv=0/10/0/10

I also asked for a server config that demonstrates the problem. When you omit 
key details, particularly when they are specificly requested, you only slow 
down the troubleshooting process.

 From your description in this email, I'm guessing that you've configured 
sssvlv as a global overlay instead of on a specific database. That's why the 
overlay is running before fe_op_search. I was testing with the overlay on a 
specific database. You should probably change your server configuration as a 
workaround until this gets patched.

> (I just suppressed the bind dn, base dn and password)
> The important aspect of the search command is that it is doing a server-sidesort on the mail attribute, is asking for a virtual list view, but is letting the size default to zero (which should mean unlimited).
>> Your patch cannot be correct since limits_check() is already called by the
>> frontend at the beginning of every search operation.
> Not in my experience.
> As far as I can see limits_check() is called only in fe_op_search() in search.c, and when debugging I found that fe_op_search() was being called from overlay_op_walk() in backover.c.
> When the ldapsearch command is run, it sends a search request to slapd, which returns the first 11 records found, in order of the mail attribute. Then ldapsearch prompts
>   Press [before/after(/offset/count|:value)] Enter for the next window.
> and on hitting enter ldapsearch sends the next request to slapd. This time the request gets handled by sssvlv_op_search() before fe_op_search() is called, because there is an active session.
> int overlay_op_walk(	Operation *op,	SlapReply *rs,	slap_operation_t which,	slap_overinfo *oi,	slap_overinst *on){	BI_op_bind **func;	int rc = SLAP_CB_CONTINUE;
> 	for (; on; on=on->on_next ) {		func =&on->on_bi.bi_op_bind;		if ( func[which] ) {			op->o_bd->bd_info = (BackendInfo *)on;			rc = func[which]( op, rs ); /*<--- sssvlv_op_search() called here */			if ( rc != SLAP_CB_CONTINUE ) break;		}	}	if ( rc == SLAP_CB_BYPASS )		rc = SLAP_CB_CONTINUE;
> 	func =&oi->oi_orig->bi_op_bind;	if ( func[which]&&  rc == SLAP_CB_CONTINUE ) {		op->o_bd->bd_info = oi->oi_orig;		rc = func[which]( op, rs ); /*<--- fe_op_search() called here */	}
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