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RE: (ITS#6973) Problem with sssvlv overlay and ldapsearch

> Don't send HTML emails to the ITS.Apologies.
> I'm unable to reproduce the error you're talking about. Please provide a 
> config that demonstrates the error, and the complete ldapsearch command 
> invocation.
The original submission contained the ldapsearch command:
ldapsearch -h localhost -x -b "..........." -D ".........." -w ....  -E
\!sss=mail:caseIgnoreIA5Match -E \!vlv=0/10/0/10

(I just suppressed the bind dn, base dn and password)
The important aspect of the search command is that it is doing a server-sidesort on the mail attribute, is asking for a virtual list view, but is letting the size default to zero (which should mean unlimited).
> Your patch cannot be correct since limits_check() is already called by the 
> frontend at the beginning of every search operation.

Not in my experience. 
As far as I can see limits_check() is called only in fe_op_search() in search.c, and when debugging I found that fe_op_search() was being called from overlay_op_walk() in backover.c.

When the ldapsearch command is run, it sends a search request to slapd, which returns the first 11 records found, in order of the mail attribute. Then ldapsearch prompts  
 Press [before/after(/offset/count|:value)] Enter for the next window.
and on hitting enter ldapsearch sends the next request to slapd. This time the request gets handled by sssvlv_op_search() before fe_op_search() is called, because there is an active session.
int overlay_op_walk(	Operation *op,	SlapReply *rs,	slap_operation_t which,	slap_overinfo *oi,	slap_overinst *on){	BI_op_bind **func;	int rc = SLAP_CB_CONTINUE;
	for (; on; on=on->on_next ) {		func = &on->on_bi.bi_op_bind;		if ( func[which] ) {			op->o_bd->bd_info = (BackendInfo *)on;			rc = func[which]( op, rs ); /* <--- sssvlv_op_search() called here */			if ( rc != SLAP_CB_CONTINUE ) break;		}	}	if ( rc == SLAP_CB_BYPASS )		rc = SLAP_CB_CONTINUE;
	func = &oi->oi_orig->bi_op_bind;	if ( func[which] && rc == SLAP_CB_CONTINUE ) {		op->o_bd->bd_info = oi->oi_orig;		rc = func[which]( op, rs ); /* <--- fe_op_search() called here */	}