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Re: (ITS#6963) test050: test failed - server 1 and server 2 configs differ

Howard Chu wrote:
> michael@stroeder.com wrote:
>> BTW: This is git master (formerly known as HEAD).
>> See also: http://www.stroeder.com/temp/openldap-its-6963-testrun.tar.gz
> I see, and I was also able to reproduce it here. The difference is that on
> server2, 2 of the entries have objectClass: glue instead of their correct
> objectclasses. From the diffs, this affected cn=schema,cn=config and
> olcDatabase={0}config,cn=config. Looking at the logs, this happened because
> during a syncrepl_nonpresent pass, the UUIDs for these two entries didn't
> match the UUIDs sent from some other master, so syncrepl attempted to delete them.
> Generally this is normal - cn=schema,cn=config and olcDatabase={0},cn=config
> are always created automatically by each slapd, so naturally their UUIDs
> differ on each server. But, also generally, after the first refresh each
> consumer would modify their local entries and overwrite the UUIDs with the
> ones received from their provider. Not sure why this didn't happen this time
> around.

Ah this is a simple timing issue in the test startup; the incoming entry was 
ignored because its entryCSN was older than the local one.

> (back-config explicitly prevents any attempts to delete both of these entries.
> When syncrepl fails to delete an entry, it does a modify to change the
> objectclass to glue, which explains how they got to their final state when the
> test aborted.)

I guess we can try to patch the startup sequencing of the script; this problem 
can only occur in cn=config, because of the special nature of the cn=schema 
and olcDatabase={0}config entries.

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