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Re: (ITS#6963) test050: test failed - server 1 and server 2 configs differ

michael@stroeder.com wrote:
> BTW: This is git master (formerly known as HEAD).
> See also: http://www.stroeder.com/temp/openldap-its-6963-testrun.tar.gz

I see, and I was also able to reproduce it here. The difference is that on 
server2, 2 of the entries have objectClass: glue instead of their correct 
objectclasses. From the diffs, this affected cn=schema,cn=config and 
olcDatabase={0}config,cn=config. Looking at the logs, this happened because 
during a syncrepl_nonpresent pass, the UUIDs for these two entries didn't 
match the UUIDs sent from some other master, so syncrepl attempted to delete them.

Generally this is normal - cn=schema,cn=config and olcDatabase={0},cn=config 
are always created automatically by each slapd, so naturally their UUIDs 
differ on each server. But, also generally, after the first refresh each 
consumer would modify their local entries and overwrite the UUIDs with the 
ones received from their provider. Not sure why this didn't happen this time 

(back-config explicitly prevents any attempts to delete both of these entries. 
When syncrepl fails to delete an entry, it does a modify to change the 
objectclass to glue, which explains how they got to their final state when the 
test aborted.)

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