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Re: (ITS#6943) segfault in rwmmap in 2.4.25

In regard to: Re: (ITS#6943) segfault in rwmmap in 2.4.25, Pierangelo...:

> On 05/20/2011 10:21 PM, Tim.Mooney@ndsu.edu wrote:
>> In regard to: Re: (ITS#6943) segfault in rwmmap in 2.4.25, 
>> masarati@aero.po...:
>>> The bug is caused by the fact that "mapping" is always on, and slapo-rwm
>>> checks whether there is anything it can/need to do about special
>>> attributes, and it (incorrectly) assumed attributes have an equality rule.
>>> It has nothing to do with the fact that you defined no rules for search
>>> or so.
>>> The quick fix would be to check whether sat_equality is NULL; the
>>> (possibly) long fix would be to entirely skip mapping when not needed.
>> My apologies for the delay in responding.
>> I've uploaded a patch,
>>   	TimMooney-110520.patch
>> to incoming.  It tests that sat_equality is not NULL before dereferencing.
>> Is this essentially what you had in mind as a fix?
> Yes.  Fixed in HEAD.  Thanks, p.

Thank you Pierangelo.  We've been running with that patch since last
Friday without problems, so I'm comfortable with the fix.

If you can do so without having to spend much time on it, could you give
a brief overview of what you believe might be involved in implementing the
longer fix?  I won't make any promises, but if you give me a hint at what
would be involved, I might be able to contribute the code to skip mapping
when not needed.  That seems like it would be very beneficial.

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