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MemberOf out of sync on consumer[s]


I've been putting this off for a while, but this is happening frequently enough that I think its time to ask for opinions on the bug I'm running into with OpenLDAP and the MemberOf overlay.

Version: 2.4.23

Configuration: Single Provider, with 4 Consumers.

It seems that when I add a new users on my provider, the MemberOf attribute disappears randomly for some users, on some ( not all ) consumer nodes. Everything in the DIT is in tact, and the changes made on my provider are replicated to the consumers correctly. The only issue here is with the memberof attribute. The only way for me to remedy this problem is to shutdown slapd on the affected consumer node, delete everything in /var/sun/slapd, and then start slapd again which then fully syncs with my provider with all memberof attributes in tact. My testing shows that this is triggered by making changes to to my LDAP groups/users on the provider node, but that is all I can find. Nothing in the logs gives me any clues as to what is happening.

Has anyone experienced similar problems?

-Yuri Bank