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(ITS#6724) Feature request: support for PKCS11 pin input callback in public TLS api

Full_Name: Silvan Marco Fin
OS: Ubuntu Linux 10.04
Submission from: (NULL) (

Support for PKCS #11 devices in TLS via MozNSS in OpenLDAP currently lacks the
possibility to "ask" for a PIN via callback. The methods supplied in tls_m.c are
reading a PIN from a file or alternativly reading a PIN from STDIN.

To add the needed flexibility to the MozNSS part, an additional callback
argument to the init function or alternatively an additional set function for
the callback would be needed.


provides the signature for the callback function.

Since GnuTLS and OpenSSL provide PKCS #11 support by themselves in some way, I
propose to add an additional set function to OpenLDAPs public TLS API to
register a callback with the corresponding security library.