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Re: (ITS#6603) EAGAIN, EWOULDBLOCK occasionally used without checking #ifdef

>> At least in libldap and liblber EAGAIN and EWOULDBLOCK are
>> occasionally used without checking whether they are defined or not.
>> Either the checks should be removed, counting on the fact that these
>> error codes are always defined, or they should be used consistently.
> I'd say the libldap #ifdefs can safely be removed by now: "cvs annotate"
> says os-ip.c has had unconditional EWOULDBLOCK since rev 1.34 (Aug
> 1999), and request.c unconditional EAGAIN since rev 1.85 (Aug 2002).
> No bug reports since then...
> We need to keep the '#if EWOULDBLOCK != EAGAIN's in switches, though.
> liblber always #ifdefs them, except in a test program.  I suppose these
> #ifdefs could stay in case someone uses the liblber source stand-alone.

Here's a patch, please inspect.