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Re: (ITS#6659) logfile directive not logging any log


> Please direct further sofware usage questions to the most appropriate mai=
ling lists

Sorry to keep bugging, but I believe this *is* the most appropriate
mailing list.

Having to create a different user just so that I can log to a
different files doesn't seem like an optimal solution. Clearly, this
is a lack of necessary feature for slapd where user can not override
the location of the log file. Also, I've re-read the documentation
many times but it seems to suggest that I am supposed to be able to
forward the content of the log (sent to syslog) to a separate file.
Perhaps the documentation needs to be updated?


On Tue, Sep 28, 2010 at 9:33 AM,  <masarati@aero.polimi.it> wrote:
>> I am running multiple BDII servers (listening on different port), and
>> I need them to log to different location. If I understand correctly,
>> "logfile" directive only works to capture stderr messages (not stats,
>> or other logs currently sent to syslog). Since I can't tell syslog to
>> log to a different file based on which instance of LDAP server, logs
>> from both server goes to a single file in /var/log.
>> Is there anyway that I can redirect logs from each LDAP server to a
>> different locations?
> You can use '-l' to have different instances of slapd log as different
> syslog users. =A0See slapd(8) and syslog(8) for further details.
> Please direct further sofware usage questions to the most appropriate
> mailing lists (openldap-technical for OpenLDAP software; Syslog-specific
> lists for syslog(8) detaild usage). =A0This ITS will be closed.
> p.