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Re: (ITS#6659) logfile directive not logging any log

> Thanks.
>> Please direct further sofware usage questions to the most appropriate
>> mailing lists
> Sorry to keep bugging, but I believe this *is* the most appropriate
> mailing list.
> Having to create a different user just so that I can log to a
> different files doesn't seem like an optimal solution. Clearly, this
> is a lack of necessary feature for slapd where user can not override
> the location of the log file. Also, I've re-read the documentation
> many times but it seems to suggest that I am supposed to be able to
> forward the content of the log (sent to syslog) to a separate file.
> Perhaps the documentation needs to be updated?

"user" here means "facility" in syslog's nomenclature (don't know why it
was called like that originally in slapd).  So you don't need to create
different users, you need to run slapd with "-l LOCAL0", "-l LOCAL1" etc.
to be able to discriminate logs as "local0", "local1" and so in

The documentation of "logfile" I'm reading says

    logfile <filename>
        Specify a file for recording  debug  log  messages.  By  default
        these  messages  only go to stderr and are not recorded anywhere
        else. Specifying a logfile copies messages to  both  stderr  and
        the logfile.

so it explicitly mentions "stderr" and never mentions "syslog".  So it
clearly refers to logging that goes to "stderr", which is controlled by
the "-d" switch, which has nothing to do with syslog as well.  I don't
think it needs any amendment or clarification, but feel free to suggest
any improvement (possibly in the form of a specific ITS with a patch to
current documentation sources).