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Re: (ITS#6151) Update cosine.schema to RFC 4524

On Apr 22, 2010, at 10:20 AM, Kurt Zeilenga wrote:

> The purpose of the OBSOLETE (inactive) flag is to support transition =
away from a particular schema element.  Basically, if one no longer =
wants to use the attribute type 'x' in their directory, they should 1) =
mark x as inactive in the subschema, 2) then remove all uses of x, 3) =
then remove x from the subschema.

One additional note, I generally would advise that a schema-aware client =
not alter it's update behavior of elements based upon whether said =
elements are active or inactive (OBSOLETE) in the schema.  Instead, they =
should just try the update and, if it fails, report it as they normally =
would.  Handling the inactive condition locally hides the error from the =
directory administrator, who is likely relying on directory server logs =
to find applications which using inactive schema.  He may well not have =
access to all the clients' logs.

-- Kurt=